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Sunbeam School Deoria


"Empowering Future Citizens!"sunbeam Deoria will provide a complete education to the student's fra

Sunbeam School Deoria

12 hours 49 minutes ago

Bharat Scout and Guide is a movement to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals and as responsible citizen.
Sunbeam School Deoria is also contributing a part of this movement and had started 3days Bharat Scout and Guide Camp in School.

Sunbeam School Deoria

15 hours 30 minutes ago

Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach for the Chapter-United Nations for class V, where the students took interview of our principal sir.

Sunbeam School Deoria

23 hours 13 minutes ago

Enroll your child in the best school
Be part of Sunbeam School, Deoria , and get quality education at your doorstep !


Sunbeam School Deoria

1 day 22 hours ago

Books are uniquely portable magic. Today a reader tomorrow a leader.

Book Dissemination for classes III to VIII.

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 days 21 hours ago

#sunbeamschooldeoria #Annualfunction #Schoolactivity #Deoria
GLipmse Of Annual day celebration

Sunbeam School Deoria is feeling excited.

3 days 21 hours ago

Annual Function Parikrama 2022 with the theme Sanskriti ka Sangam celebrated on 23 November 2022, in Sunbeam School,Deoria . The chief guests Dr. Deepak Madhok CMD Dhk Eduserve & Chairman of Sunbeam Group Of Educational Institutions along with Mrs. Bharti Madhok Director of Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions. Guest of honor Mr. Naveen Singh, Director of Sunbeam Ghazipur & Dildarnagar, Director Dr. Kunwar Arun Singh of Sunbeam Ballia also joined us. Parents were also invited to attend the event. The chief guests lit the lamp with all the dignitaries. The program was hosted by Saumya Singh of class XII, Pooja Kushwaha & Anviksha Dubey of class XI & Disha Jaiswal of class IX . Their performance were very impressive. Honarable Director of Sunbeam School Deoria Mr. Avanish Mishra & Deputy Director of Sunbeam Deoria Mrs. Nitu Mishra were given welcome note. The Principal of Sunbeam Deoria read the annual report along with Master Shreyansh Singh of class II, Miss Arvita Dubey of class V along with Saundrya Bharti of class XII, all together they highlighted all the achievement of the year 2022. First of all, students presented a welcome program by welcoming. The students from different classes participated and performed various programmes like School Orchestra ,Cosmic Dance , Lohri (Land of five rivers),Rouf , Azadi ka Amrit , Dusshera and Diwali along with Christmas . A group of students were performed the play on Maharani Karnavati based on Rakshabandhan. It engaged the audience . In the end, the host requested

Sunbeam School Deoria

1 week 8 minutes ago

November 26 is marked as Constitution Day or 'Samvidhan Diwas' in India every year. The day was chosen to honour the adoption of the Indian Constitution which was drafted by the Indian Constituent Assembly after almost three years.

Sunbeam School Deoria

1 week 23 hours ago


Sunbeam School Deoria

1 week 4 days ago

Countdown begin for the Gala Event of Sunbeam School Deoria
Sankranti Ka Sangam.....
Date on 23rd November evening @ 5pm
Join us and appreciate our little ones.

Sunbeam School Deoria

2 weeks 3 days ago

Children are the future, Nurture them right so that they grow up to be able leaders and lead the world towards light.

Happy Children's Day

Sunbeam School Deoria celebrated children's day with full and enthusiasm, where their principal sir, teachers performed spectacular programs. They sang and hit the dance floor with their marvelous performances followed by special assembly by teachers.

Sunbeam School Deoria

2 weeks 6 days ago

Sunbeam School Deoria had a parents forum were Director Sir Mr. Avanish Mishra, Deputy Director Ma'am Mrs. Nitu Mishra and principal sir Dr. M Frederick explained their precept and solved the doubt of parents.

Parent forums are a way for schools to encourage more parents to get involved in school life. They are informal groups where parents can raise issues, be consulted on school policy and give their views.

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 15 hours ago

Today our honourable *Director sir Mr. Avanish Mishra* has attended the *10th Brainfeed National Conference at ET TECH X India Expo Centre,Greater Noida** and was *honoured for being the Top 500 schools* in India in gracious presence of CMD Dr.Deepak Madhok sir and Director Bharti Madhok ma'am of Sunbeam Group Of Educational Institutions. Congratulations sir! Kudos to *Sunbeam School Deoria for being awarded School Excellence Award by Brainfeed under top 500 schools of India in the categories of Best infrastructure,best hybrid teaching model,best community and collaboration and also for being the best happiness Quotient Index* .Sunbeam Deoria is committing efforts towards fructifying our vision and innovation approach to groom the young learners with skills for life. Thank you parents for believing and supporting us. Congratulations to all the people associated with Sunbeam School Deoria. #SunbeamSchoolDeoria 👍🏻👍🏻 Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2022 to Sunbeam Deoria for being among the Top 500 schools of India. #BrainFeed #EXTECH #SchoolExcellenceAward #Deoria #CBSE #Best_School_in_Deoria

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 22 hours ago

Science may set limits of knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.

Student's are asked to perform & Check

*look into a filament of the bulb and observe what we see*

*connect a bulb to the cell in different way and check if the blub glows in various situations*

*asks to make a switch from two drawing pins and a safety pin*

*use various materials instead of safety pin and check if the bulb glows or not*.

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 23 hours ago

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it us done.

Student's are asked to check the things as *Reversible/ Ir-reversible & Physical/Chemical Change* using different things

*Rubber Band*

*Burning paper*

*Change of Raw Egg to Boiled Egg*

*Melting of Candle Wax & Burning of Candle*

*Burning Coal*

*Bud to flower*

*Change of Milk to Curd*

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 1 day ago

Coming up with the Gala Event of this year, join us for fun & dynamic occasion in your city.
The Sunbeam School Deoria annual function
Sankranti Ka Sangam

Sunbeam School Deoria is feeling lovely.

3 weeks 2 days ago

#BirthdayGlimpse 🥳🎂

You are an inspirational, Highly respected, And honourable person. It is our Privileged and honour to sending you very best wishes in your way.Here's to you many more marvellous Year's ahead .💯

You are the perfect example of Talent and Hardwork.🙏
Wishing you all the success and happiness.😊

Happy Birthday Dear Deputy Director Ma'am!🙏🎉💐


Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 3 days ago

Gurunanak Jayanti is widely celebrated among people of the Sikh community across the world to mark the birth anniversary of the revered Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the first Guru of Sikhs and founded Sikhism.

Every year, Guru Nanak Dev’s birth anniversary is celebrated in the Kartik maas. The day falls in the month of October-November as per the Gregorian calendar. Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day during the Kartik maas. This year, the Guru Nanak Jayanti is coinciding with the last total lunar eclipse of the year.

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 3 days ago

Sunbeam School Deoria wishes you all Happy Dev Deepawali.

Every year, Dev Deepawali is celebrated with a whole lot of pomp and grandeur all across the country. It is believed that Dev Deepawali was the time when the devas celebrated Deepawali after Lord Shiva defeated the demons and made heaven a safe place. Lord Shiva is believed to have defeated Tripurasura first, and hence, the festival is also referred to as Tripurotsav. Every year, in the holy city of Varanasi, the devotees of Lord Shiva come together to celebrate the festival. They take a dip in the holy waters of Ganges and offer their puja to the Lord. It is also believed that the devas, on this day, come down from heaven to take a bath in Ganges.

Sunbeam School Deoria

3 weeks 4 days ago

National Cancer Awareness Day is observed on 7th November for the last 8 years coinciding with the birth anniversary of the Nobel-prize-winning scientist Madame Curie.

This year's theme is “close the care gap” which is about understanding the inequities in cancer care and taking actions to make the necessary progress to address them.