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Chandrayaan-3, India’s third lunar exploration mission takes off from Sriharikota,Andhra Pradesh.

#Congratulations to all the Indian scientists and #ISRO heroes. #India creates history.

🚀LVM3 Launch Vehicle Mk III takes the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft to Geo Transfer Orbit (GTO).

Chandrayaan3 consists of an indigenous propulsion module, lander module, and a rover with an objective of developing and demonstrating new technologies required for inter-planetary missions. The propulsion module will carry the lander and rover from injection orbit to till 100 km lunar orbit. It also carries a Spectro-polarimetry of Habitable Planetary Earth (SHAPE) payload to study the spectral and polarimetric measurements of earth from the lunar orbit.
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#sunbeamkids (Nur-II)

Active Learning Lab Time

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हर त्वं संसारं द्रुततरम् असारं सुरपते
हर त्वं पापानां विततिम् अपरां यादवपते ।
अहो दीनेऽनाथे निहित चरणो निश्चितमिदं
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥

‘जय जगन्नाथ’

When a sea of devotees melts into an ocean of divinity.

Lord Jagannath blesses humanity!

Greetings on occasion of the auspicious #JagannathRathYatra
Jay Jagannath!

#JayJagannath #RathaYatra2023

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Our warm birthday wishes to
honourable chief minister of UP Yogi Aditya Nath Ji.We all pray God to bless him with good health and long life to serve the Nation.🙏

#yogiadityanathbirthday #deoria #sunbeam
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🌟🎉 A Shining Constellation of Brilliance at SUNBEAM ✨🚀

Let's unleash an explosion of applause for our extraordinary Class 12 stars, Aryan Srivastava , Sundrya Bharti, Piyush Pratap Yadav, Anjali Yadav and Saumya Singh! 🌟💫🌠 Your academic journey has reached celestial heights, and your achievements are truly stellar! 🏆🎓🎉

#Class12Toppers #AcademicBrilliance #UnleashingPotential #sunbeamschooldeoria #bestschoolindeoria #deoria 🎉🎓🌟🚀💫

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Summer Camp Vibes 🤩 ...

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We Happily Announced
“Your success is really well deserved. I congratulate you on your brilliant result, dear!”

“Best wishes for passing the exam with good marks and good luck for more excellent achievements in the future.


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Admission open for new session 2023-24
Limted Seats
Classes Nur - IX & XI
Forms are available at school counter.

For Enquiry Call @ 9721453272

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Rabindra nath tagore Jayanti,also known as Tagore's birthday, is an annual event celebrated on May 9 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the legendary poet, writer, philosopher, and polymath Rabindranath Tagore. He was the first Asian to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his collection of poems, Gitanjali. Tagore's literary works and philosophy have left a profound impact on Indian and Bengali literature, and his contributions to Indian art and culture are unparalleled. The day is marked by various cultural events, seminars, and lectures to honour Tagore's legacy and his immense contribution to literature and philosophy.

Admission open for new session 2023-24
Limted Seats
Classes Nur - IX & XI
Forms are available at school counter.

For Enquiry Call @ 9721453272

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